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Our firm seeks to provide its clients with comprehensive legal advice, so that our action is not limited, as is the case of most law firms in the area, to the mere supervision of private property purchase contracts. For this we have assembled a team of lawyers with extensive professional careers, each of them being specialized in specific branches of Spanish and International law, who are able to offer our clients the best defense of their legal interests that may be found in our city.


As said, we can distinguish different branches of our legal system:


CRIMINAL LAW: Our lawyers assume the defense and, where appropriate, the particular prosecution in all types of criminal proceedings and regardless of its complexity. Crime, blood alcohol, crimes against property, against the Public Treasury, traffic offenses, etc. Whatever the nature of the criminal offense against which you have to defend yourself or to report, our lawyers, all of them with extensive professional experience and career in the field, will be responsible for giving an optimal result to your problem.


CIVIL LAW: Our lawyers will file lawsuits or defend them from the opposite filed with the utmost professionalism, ensuring the best results, whatever the subject in question: Debt issues, problems regarding water and light supplies, issues of/and property rights, contracts and obligations, land clauses, foreclosures, agreement or contract´s redaction, etc.


FAMILY LAW: We are specialists in matrimonial issues, separations, divorces and nullities, breaches of maintenance and compensatory pensions, premarital agreements, visits regime, liquidations of partnerships, etc.


REAL ESTATE, URBAN AND ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Our firm, associated with one of the most prestigious real estate in Puerto Banus, offers complete control of the legality of real estate transactions, or any other type- uphold in Spain. Sale and purchase of property, writing contracts and deeds, mortgages, land regularization, urban permits, leases and assignments, etc.


TAX LAW: Our firm has tax advisors with extensive experience, who provide our clients the best conditions regarding tax and commercial transactions they wish to make in Spain.


INTERNATIONAL LAW /FOREIGNERS: We also have specialists is this area of law who will be responsible for any matter related to the subject, obtaining N.I.E., residence and nationality, irregular situations in Spain, census, high tax, etc.


To the previous legal services must be added the economic and financial advice provided by a multidisciplinary team oriented to provide comprehensive financial services, management and accounting.


In order to encourage the provision of the services offered to our clients we also native speaking staff with following languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Romanian, Swedish, French and Italian.

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